Opowiadanie: When I was young my uncle moved to Torronto

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Title: When I was eleven years old my uncle moved to Toronto.
Author: Anonymous
Date: 09/13/98

When I was eleven years old my uncle moved to Toronto. I never
understood why, he just basically left his job at the bank in
town and moved to Ontario. About 6 months later he came back
because he was very sick. He stayed at Grandma's for 3 months so
he could get better. I remember him being very yellow - I know
now that that is part of Hepatitis. He moved back to Toronto and
stayed there for 3 more years. I remember one summer he came to
visit. I hated when he left to go back east, he was my favorite
uncle and I always missed him. That summer he had come down for
the month of June. He left in the middle of the month rather
unexpectedly. I didn't know why. A day or two later I was playing
on the word processor at home and I found a letter that my mom
had written to my uncle. She asked him why he had kept "it" a
secret for so long, and many other very disturbing questions.
Then near the end she told him that she was going to tell me
("especially me") when I was done writting final exams (In 2
weeks). By this time I knew that something was very wrong. I was
crying when I asked my mom to come talk to me in my room. I asked
her "What's wrong with Uncle Gordie?" The next couple of hours
were basically her and I in tears trying understand how my
favorite uncle and her only brother could have something like
this happen to him. After that he got progressively worse.
Everytime we saw him, the physical and emotional change was
heartbreaking. He knew when the end was coming. It was that time
that he spent months at a time with us. Before he would always
stay in Toronto and when he later moved to Vancouver it was
because he could get treated there. Near the end he wasn't
concerned about treat- ment anymore. He wanted to be close to us.
Christmas of 1992 was the last time I ever saw my uncle. Except
the way he was then is not how I try to remember him. That man
had deteriorated to literal skin and bones. Talking and breathing
were an effort for him. His mind was in excellent condition, he
just couldn't make his body do as he wanted to do. It was a
difficult but we all pulled through. He went back to Vancouver on
New Year's Eve of 1992. In mid-January my Grandparents, Mom, and
Aunt flew to B.C. The end was coming and they wanted to be with
him when he died. Peacefully in his sleep my favorite uncle
passed away on January 30, 1993 - four months before I (his
oldest niece) graduated. I woke up at 3am the morning of the 30th
and I knew; I could feel that it was close. At 7:30 in the
morning the phone rang - I was already awake; I had been for 5
minutes. I felt him go. This is the four year anniversary of his
death. I always think about him, how he used to be when I was
little. I also remember the way he was the last time I saw him. I
still cry, I guess I always will. I really miss him, and I love
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